There’s no denying the importance of clean air. According to the EPA, most Americans spend around 90% of their time indoors, with most of this time being in their own homes. If the air you’re breathing at home isn’t as clean as possible, chances are you’re putting yourself at significant risk of developing a serious health condition.

The good news is, purifying your home’s air is easy with a whole house air purifier. The bad news is, there are enough options on the market to make your head spin. Luckily for you, we’ve compared about six of the leading brands of whole home air purifiers, and we think we’ve found the best option when taking into account quality and value. It’s called the Perfect 16, and it comes from a company called IQAir.

Just install the machine, be sure to regularly change out the filters, and your home’s air quality will be more than 10 times cleaner. It’s the easiest way to improve the overall health of your home.

What is Perfect 16?

IQAir’s Perfect 16 is installed directly into your home’s current HVAC system to keep all the air that enters your home clean. Up to 125 times per day, the system kicks on to purify the air and keep your family safe.

Not only does Perfect 16 clean the air in your home, it does so with the safest technologies possible. Every inch of this whole house air purifier is designed with your family’s safety in mind. Only the healthiest and most reliable methods are used to filter your air down to the 0.003-micron level.

Top Features

Perfect 16 is the ideal mix of top-notch features and simplicity. It will clean your home’s air without any fuss.

Advanced Micro-Fiber Filtration catches more harmful particles than any other filter on the market. These filters are more than 10 times thinner than those offered by the competition. It’s this small size that allows them to create such a resistant barrier to harmful particles.

Perfect 16 makes use of a V2 design. Basically, this allows it to utilize more square feet of filters than any other whole house air purifier on the market. Its filtration is more than 50 times better than other leading brands.

Finally, Perfect 16 is designed with ease of maintenance in mind. IQAir knows that you don’t want to perform maintenance every three months. So they designed Perfect 16 to only require maintenance every three years. This small design characteristic makes a big difference in the long run.

Why You Need Perfect 16

Invest in Perfect 16 to give yourself the peace of mind that your family is safe, sound, and healthy. The whole house air purifier is among the most effective and reliable on the market, targeting even the smallest pollution particles. Whether a family member is suffering from asthma or you just want to keep the air clean, Perfect 16 will do the job so well you don’t have to worry about it.

Perfect 16 is designed for use in any house. It’s silent even when its working hard, it’s incredibly easy to maintain, and it provides an immediately noticeable difference in air quality. The whole house air purifier comes with top-notch expert installation as well as a lifetime warranty – now that’s a deal that’s hard to beat!